Laura Maria Vilchez Padial

I graduated from The University of Granada (Spain) with a BSc in Biology in 2015 and obtained an MSc in Advanced Biology from the University of Seville and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (dual award). My MSc thesis was titled: “Effect of the Patricia hurricane on birds of the Chamela region, Jalisco”. In my current role as research assitant in the MFRC, I work across several projects, investigating immune responses of salmon to ameobic gill disease (ADIOS project) and contributing to the development of autogenous vaccines. As well as working in the laboratory I am also involved in the design of the experimental systems and in fishfish husbandary. I previously held a research position at Fundación General Universidad de Granada (Spain). My expertise is in bacterial culture, identification methods (biochemical, molecular) and vaccine development. My research interests are wide but with a focus on conservation and animal welfare.

This research aims to collect pathogenic bacteria from finfish marine aquaculture and freshwater sites for identification, characterisation and isolate generation and to develop cultures for incorporation into autogenous vaccines.