Dr Anita Talbot

Research Fellow
(091) 742511

Anita Talbot has worked as a Research Fellow at the MFRC since 2016, investigating various topics related to fish health and welfare. From 2016-2018, Anita investigated how novel ingredients in feed can influence the immune response of fish. One particular interest of the Fish Health Group is in finding solutions for infections caused by the external parasite, Paramoeba perurans,  the causative agent of Amoebic Gill disease (AGD).   Since 2018, her research focus is on disease prevention though the development and testing of autogenous bacterial and viral vaccines, for freshwater and marine finfish species.


This research aims to collect pathogenic bacteria from finfish marine aquaculture and freshwater sites for identification, characterisation and isolate generation and to develop cultures for incorporation into autogenous vaccines.